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About the project


trans kids & adults

Hi, I’m Andrea

I am photographing a project with trans kids, teens and adults who are just starting to experiment and not fully out yet. Whether you have great support system or none at all, I sell an experience, and offer transformation.

We will design a session, style you with hair and make up included and you can go all out, test what it feels and looks like to be a boy, a girl or a non-binary person.

You will get a complete outfit and makeover, and

rock it in the privacy of the studio.

I imagine it would be transforming, maybe even healing.

I’d love for you to be one of these models because I want to help increase self confidence.

Nobody needs to see the photos except you. Experience how it would look and feel, but my hope is that you will want to participate in the project fully.

You are invited to a unique and luxurious photoshoot experience that will end in a private catered gallery exhibition and celebration of trans people and their stories, who were part of the project. This is the only time you will meet your peers if you are up for it, and celebrate inclusion and diversity.

The experience


a celebration of diversity, strength beauty and essence


the trans project is a celebration of diversity and strength, beauty and essence of people from child to adult. 

Be bold and courageous and do something for you in a safe environment where you are not judged but supported. Remember: you deserve this!

You must love an exciting, pampering, indulgent adventure with hair and makeup, glamorous wardrobe or casual jeans look, champaigne (for adults only) and all focus on you for a day, 


Why trans, why me, why now?

* * *

It’s about much more than just taking pictures

My hope is for you to connect with yourself, see your essence and spirit the way you want to be seen. I want to help because I realize how support and acceptance can change someone’s life. I want to give you a day when you are with people who see who you really are.

* show your strength and beauty
* Shine the light on your character
* celebrate your spirit
* tell your story about what it means to be a trans person in today’s world

This is your chance to be seen and heard.


It’s time to celebrate these amazing people. These are people who have gone through difficult experiences, ridicule, bullying and exclusion, who are navigating the world despite obstacles and setbacks. They are survivors, friends, family, dreamers, shy and hiding or go-getters, with support or without. They are regular people just like you and me who want to fit in and be loved and celebrated.

How much does it cost?


what is included in the trans project experience?

The  and ie

I am offering the trans project to 30 people in a special promotion package for just $450.

The total value is over $800.


As one of my Trans Project models, you will receive a wonderful package which includes:

* Pre-consultation with me to discuss how you want to be photographed and who you want to be photographed with, what you would like to wear etc.

* Hair and makeup on the day of the photo shoot to make you feel amazing!

* Fully guided professional photo shoot that you will truly enjoy

* A private image reveal and ordering appointment where you will choose your complimentary print and order more if you wish. There is no minimum purchase requirement.

* Use a dream fashion wardrobe

* Your photos and a video with your story will be published on social media and in The Trans magazine, and you will receive a copy

* Possibility to invite a friend or family at the end of the session

* Trans Project exhibition and celebration, catered with food and drinks, closed event by invitation only for participants of the project

* The Trans Magazine with the cover page featuring you

* Additional photos and products are purchased separately (Trust me you will want to!)


Who can take part in the project?

I would love to photograph a wide variety of people. Let’s create a tapestry of stunning images of girls and boys, women and men of different shapes and sizes; people with different tastes, from different backgrounds and
with different views of life.

Look at the Camera Photography Inc. luxury photoshoot experience is an exciting, pampering, indulgent adventure, custom-tailored and
focused on YOU!

It’s about much more than just taking pretty pictures. Our hope is for you to feel safe and
experiment in the privacy of our studio.

Enjoy your transformation and
become who you are meant to be.

Are you ready?

to be a part of something special?

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