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Where are you located?

Our address is 3440 Okanagan St. in Armstrong.

We are located beside The guy next door, opposite of the Branding Iron Pub.

How do I book the Santa experience?

Click on the Book Now! button on this FAQ page, or on the Santa experience page. Read the instructions, and select the date and time to reserve. You will get a confirmation.

Payment will be collected next.

Retainer must be fully paid 1 week prior to the session. 

Payments accepted: Debit, Credit, e-mail transfer and cash.

What is the retainer for?

The retainer guarantees that you have your time with Santa. Because there are so few time slots available, we want you to be serious about coming.

Whether you show up or not, Santa and his elves will be here, they are ready to provide the best experience they can, and they need to be paid for their work. They put in a lot of effort to set up and run the event smoothly.

Your photo session and one matted print and digital file is also included. In case you want just one image for the memories, there will not be any other cost for you. Any other product is not included beyond the one image ready for the frame.


What if I need to cancel?

Cancellations are allowed up to 3 weeks before your session, to be able to fill the spot. We will make every effort to fill the spot. If we can find someone else to take your time slot, you will receive a refund of your retainer.

If the time slot stays unclaimed, your retainer will not be refunded.

Can I rebook my session?

If there is an empty time slot available, you can rebook your session up to 2 weeks before the session date. If there isn’t any spot left on the calendar, you can ask to get on a cancellation list.

There is no guarantee that you will find an empty time slot so close to the event. If you cancel and we can’t fill your spot, you will lose your retainer. To book another spot, you will need to pay another retainer. If you show up, both retainers will be added and you can use the money you paid to get extra products. So if you show up, you will not lose any money.

What if my child is sick?

Please don’t bring your sick child, but notify me as soon as possible. I will make every effort to rebook your session. If that is not possible, your retainer can be used at a future session when your child feels better.

Failure to notify and show up for your session will forfeit your retainer.

Do you have an age limit?

Yes and no. Some young children are more afraid of strangers than others. This experience is best suitable for children over 3 years old. Very young babies, newborns have their own sleep schedule that we can’t follow or accommodate. If your baby is fussy in the time alloted, you might not get images that you love.

We will do everything we can to get those cute smiles, but you know your child best.

Adults can absolutely come and visit Santa. I have sat on his lap when I was 38 so I won’t tell you to not do the same.

How should I dress?

This session is a styled photo shoot to ensure that your child fits into the scene and you get the most beautiful images at the end. These will go into story books and heirloom albums that you will want to keep for a lifetime.

You can bring pyjamas or fancy outfits. Just know that we have some pretty dresses and outfits for little ones in case you need help with this, or if you want something different from what you already captured on your phone. There is no extra charge for using the studio wardrobe.

Parents should also wear something appropriately festive in case you need to jump into the set to calm your anxious child.

When will the images be ready?

Within 2 weeks from your session you will come back to the studio to see your beautiful images and video. You will select your images, or just the one included in your session. There is no minimum order requirement, and there is no pressure to buy.

How do I order?

At your viewing appointment you will see all of your images. After your selection you will pay for your order before they go into print production. The printer will not start production until payment is received, so we need to collect before printing.

Please make sure everyone who is making financial decisions about spending is available at your viewing appointment.

These images are custom products, and as such, there is no refund once they go into printing.

Can I select my images online?


We do not send a digital gallery to view the images.

When do I pay?

Your retainer is paid at the time of booking your session. It includes one print already.

If you are ordering more images, you will pay for the additional images at your viewing appointment before the images go to the printer.

We take credit, debit, cash and email transfer.

What products do you offer?

We offer story books for children. Kindergarten age children receive a poem style story book, and school age children get a fairy tale style story book. These books will include your child’s images built into the story. Story books are hard cover that you can read every evening at bedtime for your child. They will love to hear their story with Santa.

We also offer heirloom albums with matted prints with 6 or 12 images, folio boxes with 5, 10 or 20 images, or open window reveal boxes with 5, 10 or 20 images.
Folio packages and albums start at $1200.

Individual matted prints start at $70 and go up from there for wall art enlargments and framed prints.

Lose prints without heirloom box or album $300. The more you buy, the more you save.

Christmas cards and the video of the experience is also available.

Can I order Christmas cards?


We have a few designs to select from. You will have all of the cards with the same image. If you want more images, you will need to order separate sets.

Sets are minimum 12 cards.

When will I get my products delivered?

About 2 weeks after your viewing appointment you will receive your finished products. We make every effort to do this sooner, but we have no control over postal strikes or road conditions in the winter, if you are ordering any heairloom products.

We want to make sure you will get them before Christmas.

Can I bring family to watch?

Only 2 parents or the equivalent can join due to space limits. Please don’t bring grandparents, aunts and uncles. They will not have room to sit or stand.

We want this experiece for your child to enjoy, and parents telling children to smile is distracting. We will capture your child as they are interacting with Santa in the best possible way.

Can I take pictures with my phone?


Cell phone use is not allowed in the studio so please turn them off before entering.

Most parents sit in the waiting area where cell phone use is allowed, while their child is visiting Santa.

Can I bring props or toys?


If your child has a comfort object, please bring it with you. We can incorporate it in the session.

Please keep it to one single item, preferebly not a large one that will interfere with the set or covers your child’s face.

Can I bring a present for my child?


While we offer a Santa gift at the end of the session, we can sneak a special item into Santa’s bag before your child visits Santa.

Please bring it wrapped with the child’s name on it, and give it to the elf that will be available to help you when you arrive.

Can I bring my dog? (cat, ferret, guinea pig etc.)

While pets are part of the family, we ask that you bring only small pets that can be handled easily, and can be contained in a carrier when its time is up. The session is designed for your child specifically to interact with Santa, not with his or her pet.

A service dog is a separate category and it is allowed.

However if you would like to have a session specifically for your pet without a child to visit Santa, your pet will need to have a booking just like any other client. Please dress accordingly as you will most likely be on the photos with your pet. Image selection and payment applies the same with pet clients as with children.

What happens if I am late?

Please be on time. Your time is reserved just for you.

Once you book, make sure it’s on your calendar, and work your way around this date as we might not have any extra spot to give you on that date.

If you are more than 10 minutes late, we might not get enough images for you to select from and we might need to cancel your appointment. In that case you will lose your retainer too. If you arrive early, you will have to wait for the previous client to finish the visit.

What if my child is afraid of Santa?

In the realm of private sessions, a prime advantage is that your child has time to warm up to Santa. My Santa and his trusty aide, often the little Elf on the shelf possesses an enchanting way with children. Grant them moments to mingle, and should the need arise, parents may join the scene. Be prepared. With patience as our guiding star, we’ll craft an experience to capture moments to hold forever.

Do you have a studio policy?


Click anywhere in this section to take you to the page where you can find it.

The page will open in a new tab. Close that tab when you are done with it.

What's included?

  • Consultation in zoom or in person
  • Festive dress from the studio wardrobe
  • Cookies and milk
  • 2 of Santa’s elves
  • Santa’s welcome gift
  • Photo session
  • Up to 30 minutes with Santa
  • One matted image
  • Matching digital file
  • Personalized Santa letter in the mail

How much does it cost?

Price: $450

This is a retainer and includes everything listed in What’s included

It will be used toward the purchase of a package if you would like to have more images than the one included in the experience.

PACKAGES start at $1200 for images in a folio box, or collectible album

Lose prints $600

SINGLE IMAGE is $200 matted


What are the extras?


Bedtime photo story book , hard cover, with the child’s name in a personalized Santa story with up to 18 images from the visit.
More than one child in the family? Each get their own individual story with their name.  – $250 each

Heirloom collectible album, Italian leather bound, with a protective wooden sleeve, 6 matted images – starting at $1200

Italian leather heirloom folio box (closed)/reveal box (window cover) with collection of matted prints, starting with 5 matted images – $1200

Video of the full experience: $350

Lose prints $600/6 11×14

Matching digital file will be provided with all purchased images/prints at no additional cost.



Review this page.

If you would like to have a meeting with Santa for your child, click to reserve your time slot on the booking page.

If you have any questions, contact us via email: info@lookatthecamera123.com
on the phone: 250-546-1490


Pay your retainer.

The retainer is non-refundable if you are a no-show. 100% of the retainer can be applied toward the purchase of a package.

If you just want to meet Santa and take the one image included, that’s OK. Your retainer covers all of that. Products are extra $.


We will have a consultation so you know what to expect. This is required. We will not take photos without planning first. We want to make sure that this experience is magical for your child, and a lot goes into it before we click that button on the camera.

I will explain how this works. I will show you the products available for purchase, and you will get all the details about how to prepare.

You will select the dress for your child to wear, if you wish. We will get it cleaned and pressed for your child, prep it ready to wear when you get here.

We will review the studio policy too so there are no surprises.


Your child will come to meet Santa is his home (a.k.a. at the studio).

Before meeting him, you will help your child get changed if needed. One of the elves can help.

Then your child will be ready to meet Santa. The team will photograph and videograph the whole experience for you. The elves will help with the flow of the session, and assist Santa and the child with anything they need.


Story book
Fairy tale style for readers
Poem style for preschoolers 

Matted heirloom album 

Heirloom folio box with matted prints

Matted and framed print


3440 Okanagan St. Armstrong, BC






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