The Santa Experience


I t    is    n o t    y o u r    3    m i n u t e    m a l l    S a n t a    v i s i t !

Come to Santa’s home this night,
Where St. Nick’s twinkling eyes’re so bright.
No fake beard or wig in sight,
This Santa’s real, a joy and delight.

He knows your child’s name, their tales so dear,
Their wishes whispered for Christmas cheer.
He checks his list, both far and near, Naughty or nice, it’s crystal clear.

With cookies and milk, they’ll share a treat,
A moment so precious and oh, so sweet.
A present handmade, a joy complete,
In Santa’s home, love’s in the seat.

A letter for Santa, if you bring,
Straight to his mailbox it takes wing.
No letter? No worry, just a thing,
Time to write it, let imaginations spring.




After the session, the magic unfurls,
Santa’s response, like pearls and swirls.
A personalized letter that lovingly twirls, On Santa’s stationary, dreams and curls.

A matted print, a keepsake divine,
Choose the one that makes hearts entwine. Add images in an album, a treasure line,
A storybook with name and art that shine.

Extend the enchantment, make memories soar,
A collectible album, moments to explore. Or a video of the visit, to watch and adore, How far to take it, it’s your wishes that pour.

The Santa experience will bring the magic of Santa to life with this personalized visit.

There is no lineup for 45 minutes to sit on Santa’s lap for 3 minutes. You will get up to 30 minutes with St. Nick.

There is no lineup of 100 impatient children behind you. You alone will get his undivided attention.

We protect the magic of Christmas and Santa for your child and Santa and the elves will stay in character as long as your child is in Santa’s home.

Experience the magic of Santa!


What's included?

  • Consultation in zoom or in person
  • Festive dress from the studio wardrobe
  • Cookies and milk
  • 2 of Santa’s elves
  • Santa’s welcome gift
  • Photo session
  • Up to 30 minutes with Santa
  • One matted image
  • Matching digital file
  • Personalized Santa letter in the mail

How much does it cost?

Price: $650

This is a retainer and includes everything listed on the previous slide.

It will be used toward the purchase of a package if you would like to have more images than the one included in the experience.

PACKAGES start at $1200 for images in a folio box, or collectible album.


DIGITAL ONLY PACKAGE: Please note, that every image purchased in a print package or individually will include the matching digital files for backup and for sharing on social media!
If you are adamant about taking just the digital files, you don’t have to take the prints, but they are the same price per image and package.

What are the extras?


Bedtime photo story book , hard cover, with the child’s name in a personalized Santa story with up to 18 images from the visit.
More than one child in the family? Each get their own individual story with their name.  – $250 each

Heirloom collectible album, Italian leather bound, with a protective wooden sleeve, 6 matted images – starting at $1200

Italian leather heirloom folio box (closed)/reveal box (window cover) with collection of matted prints, starting with 6 matted images – $1200

Video of the full experience: $350

Matching digital file will be provided with all purchased images/prints at no additional cost: – Free



Review this page.

Click to reserve your time slot on the booking page.

If you have any questions, contact us via email: info@lookatthecamera123.com
on the phone: 250-546-1490


Pay your retainer.

The retainer is non-refundable if you are a no-show. 

It covers your Santa event with all the things included that are listed in “What’s included?”

100% of the amount will be applied toward the purhase of the products if you would like to buy more.


Be available for your consultation

so you know what to expect. This is required. We will not take photos without planning first. We want to make sure that this experience is magical for your child, and a lot goes into it before we click that button on the camera.

I will show you the products available, you will get all the details about how to prepare. You will select the dress for your child to wear, if you wish.


Meet Santa in his home (a.k.a. at the photo studio).

When you arrive, you will help your child get changed if needed. One of the elves can help.

Then your child will meet Santa. The team will photograph and videograph the whole experience for you. The elves will help with the flow of the session, and assist Santa and the child with anything they need.


Click on the images to see full view!

My kids were so stoked when they met Santa, they talked about it all day. The next day they wanted to go back for more. It was a truly magical experience.

Edith N.


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