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A published photographer, a creative, specializes in portrait and personal brand. Lover of nature.

My experience with photography started as a model for a photographer (15 y.o.), for a hairdresser (17 y.o.) and for Redken (25 y.o.). I learned first hand that being in front of the camera can be a tiring and stressful experience. I learned that we are our worst critics and people see us beautiful, not the same as we see ourselves. We are good enough though.

Being a model in front of the camera was not fun for me. My journey after that went through nursing and informatics to art and photo editing and making photo albums for people, until I had my babies and I was back full circle but this time behind the camera. I didn’t want to miss those beautiful moments that I saw when I looked at my babies. I had a camera set up on a tripod in case I saw an opportunity to take pictures. As a result we have tens of thousands of pictures and videos that sometimes get my eyes foggy when I spend time to review them, but I am only on a few of them! My children will not know what I really looked like at that stage of their lives. I don’t want this to happen to other people. Your children think you are perfect now as you are. They don’t see the extra weight or the lines on your face. They love you just the way you are and they want to see you on their photographs.

I understand that adults and children equally are self conscious in front of the camera because I lived it. I love the candid moments that I can get when I patiently wait for that moment that cannot be captured with posing. I strive to take the stress out of the session when I shoot on location, and my quiet personality and calm energy helps me achieve it. In studio, however, I love to get that perfect magazine style pose that will elevate the art work to be displayed on the wall. You will not want to hide it in a folder whether it is on the computer, or in an album.

It is a different kind of experience. You will be treated like a celebrity, and you are one. Celebrate your life at every stage. You are art work. Be your own kind of beautiful. The best part of you is that there is no one like you!


A few random and true fun facts about me:

I like the comforts and the hustle and bustle of city life, but I am alive when I am out in the middle of nowhere close to nature. I live in a forest on top of a mountain with my family.

I learned to make adobe bricks by hand and I built a European summer kitchen out of materials we had on the land with my kids. This house will be used as my photo studio in Falkland. Until then, the Falkland studio is in my home.

I am a mom of identical twins and I am also a twin, just not identical.

I am a wife to a quirky man with a punchy sense of humour. It seems my boys follow in his footsteps in that regard and my life is never boring because of them.

I love all animals, even the dirty and creepy ones. I have pet chickens and llamas beside dogs, cats and my kids’ guinea pigs and frogs. Sometimes we hatch butterflies and mantises.  

My biggest accomplishment is moving to another country, learning a new language and having my two boys and being a mom. It’s the hardest job I have ever had. They are the loves of my life.

My goal is to capture the moments for individuals and families and their pets to have everlasting memories worthy for a frame on the wall. I offer heirlooms that will survive longer than our lifetime and will stay beautiful for generations to come.

Contact me to find out if we are a good fit.

I can’t wait to meet you. 

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We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.

Ralph Hattersley






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